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You Can Be ABC's: explore health careers

We're back for one last alphabet worth of careers before summer whisks you away from thoughts of occupational exploration. This month's ABC's are all about health care, and while you may have heard of some of these careers, we guarantee that you haven't heard of them all (10 extra credit points to anyone who already knows what a dosimitrist does)!

All the career links will direct you to info on — a great resource for anyone thinking about going into the health career field. Not only do they offer a ton of helpful information about health occupations, but also provide resources on planning out your education and paying for college (including a scholarship search). So if you're interested in health care, their website is a great place to start.

And now for those ABC's!

You can be an A, an Anesthesiologist Assistant

Care for patients who need to be put under

Or how about a B, Blood Bank Specialist

Donations and transfusions are a wonder

The world needs C's: Cytotechnologists

Diagnose disease through cell identification

Then there's D, Medical Dosimitrists

They treat cancer by providing radiation

You could be an E, Emergency Medicine Technician

You know them as E.M.T's

Or you could be an F, Forensic Pathologist

Find answers and solve mysteries

Next is G, you can be a Genetic Counselor

Help identify future health risks

How about an H, Health Educator

Teachers are among the most important on this list

We need more I's, Medical Interpreters

So doctors can communicate with patients

You could be a K, you could be a Kinesiotherapist

Strength-training and muscle maintenance

You could be an L, you could be a LPN

Good nurses keep healthcare afloat

Have you heard of M, Medical Coders?

They make sense of doctors' notes

And then there's N, Naturopathic Physicians

Combining nature with modern science

There's also O, Occupational Therapists

Giving patients the gift of independence

Now onto P, you could be a Pharmacist

Getting people the medicine they need

Or you can be an R, a Respiratory Therapist

Helping patients to breath easy

You can be an S, you can be a Sonographer

It involves more than pregnancy

How about a T, how about an Athletic Trainer?

Preventing and healing sports injuries

Can't forget V, Veterinarians

'Cause animals have medical needs

Last is X, you could be an X-Ray Technician

A career in diagnostic imaging could be just the thing

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