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Why you may want to consider a trade school versus a traditional four-year university

In this video, our College Career Counselors discuss the benefits of a trade school or certificate/2-year degree program versus a traditional 4-year college pathway and highlight five trades you can jump into quickly and start making a good living in less time at less cost: Culinary, Health Information Technology, Nursing, Electrician, and CAD drafting/design. There are many more, but this is a good place to being exploring. Other forms of higher ed can definitely pay off!

You can even do your own research with the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the US Dept. of Labor. This amazing tool lets you search occupations and quickly see a summary of the median pay, education required to enter the profession, on-the-job-training info, projected job growth, and links to the specific career pathways or schools to get you that job! For example, check out the summary on Plumbers. The wages are even higher here in Oregon.

For more Oregon-specific information, use this State of Oregon Employment Department Occupation Profile and use the search and filters on the left to find information pertaining to the occupation that interests you. Reports include information on projected employment, wages, skills, education requirements, schools and training providers, and more.

Finally, don't miss the apprenticeship opportunities in Oregon! Visit the Apprenticeship and Training Division website for loads of information on partnerships with Oregon businesses and local apprenticeship committees. These programs offer quality career opportunities through paid on-the-job training and education, with a focus on construction, industrial and manufacturing trades. ​

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