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Webinar Recap: Attend college as a high schooler with Baker Early/Web College

If you're here, on this website and reading this blog, chances are you are already part of Baker Early College or Baker Web College, or maybe Baker Web Academy. If you're not familiar with those first two schools, though, this post is for you!

Baker Early College (BEC) is a charter school that allows high school students to take college classes full time, simultaneously earning high school and college credit. Baker Web College is similar...but different. This week BEC staff hosted an info night webinar to share all about the two schools, what makes a student "ready" for this type of education, and how to apply.

If you're a Baker Web Academy student interested in college classes, or a student from another high school entirely who wants to be part of BEC, check out the webinar recording below to learn more. The slides from the session are available here.

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