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Spotlights: Lopes Up, an ACE scholarship, and a positive career

COLLEGE: Grand Canyon University

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Tuition: $17,800

Size: Large (20,500 students)

Life in the vibrant, warm city of Phoenix is just around the corner if you head to the southwest and attend Grand Canyon University, a private Christian institution, where you'll hear cries of "Lopes Up" as students cheer on their Division I teams, the Lopes.

Speaking of sports, GCU offers 21 D1 sports teams that play as part of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC), a variety of highly competitive club sports teams and both fall and spring intramural sports teams. Whether you're a player or a spectator, there's a lot of spirit going around and many opportunities for competition, recreation, and relationships.

GCU is home to possibly the best student section in college basketball, and it was built from scratch. USA Today

But you want to primarily go to college for the education, so let's get back to that! GCU offers more than 200 academic programs, including 150 online programs, across nine colleges. Among their most popular programs, business and STEM are getting some attention. The Business College is known for its community involvement, and a Better Business Bureau grant has allowed its students to train more than 300 local small business owners over the past four years. The GCU College of Science, Engineering and Technology has recently created Lopes Lab, a makerspace where students across all majors collaborate and create prototypes. Students in Lopes Lab have access to advanced technologies such as 3D printers, engravers, die-cutting machines, and more. Grand Canyon University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

The West Phoenix campus is situated on 200+ acres. In 2017, GCU's campus was ranked as one of the 10 Best College Campuses Across America by Town & Country. Pools, hot tubs, cafes, fitness centers, and the new GCU arena are just some of the award-winning buildings on campus.

A representative from Grand Canyon University will be doing a virtual presentation for Baker Charter School students on Friday, Oct. 9 at 10 am, via Zoom. Check out our College & Career calendar for more upcoming events.

SCHOLARSHIP: Architecture, Construction, Engineering (ACE)

Amount: $10,000 to $40,000

Type: Architecture, Contstruction, Engineering

Due: November 1, 2020 (for the ACE Mentor Program)

Each year, the ACE Mentor Program awards scholarships to seniors who are committed to pursuing construction-related careers in college. The main requirement is that students are members of the ACE Mentor Program. ACE is a free after-school program for high school juniors and seniors interested in Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE). Student teams design a building together from start to finish, with the guidance of industry professionals. ACE also offers college scholarships for seniors and summer camp opportunities for juniors. Apply here! Applications are looked at in the fall and meetings begin in January 2021, all virtually this year due to COVID.

One of our own Baker Charter Schools students, Claire Glasser, 2020, received ACE's top national scholarship, a $40,000 scholarship which she will use to attend Oregon State University to pursue a degree in an engineering-related field.

Through all of my involvement with ACE, I was able to represent the local Oregon ACE program in a national scholarship competition for ACE students and I am excited to announce I am the grand prize winner winning a $40,000 academic merit scholarship to pay for my four years at OSU. —Claire Glasser

CAREER: Public Relations Specialist

Median salary: $61,000

Education needed: Bachelor's degree

Job growth: 7% ( faster than average)

Are you a pro at putting a positive spin on things? So are people who work in PR! Using avenues like social media and press releases, PR specialists create and maintain the public image for the organizations and clients they represent.

Most PR specialists hold a bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism, communications, or business and have savvy interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Think you might be interested in this type of work? Consider looking for a PR internship where you can practice strategizing, copy-writing, and managing social media content.

Getting paid to socialize and build relationships with others may sound too good to be true, but a career in public relations lets you do exactly this!

If you naturally enjoy connecting with a wide range of people, and also have excellent storytelling and communication skills coupled with being a digital native, then explore this very social profession. The University of Oregon offers three Public Relations Degree programs, and the University of Portland has one program as well.

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