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Overgrad FAQs

If you're a Baker senior applying to college this fall, you've probably already activated your Overgrad account, added your colleges, linked it to your Common App, and requested your college application documents without a hitch. Easy peazy, right? Well, not necessarily. Because Overgrad is new this year, we're all learning how to use it together, and we've all experienced some glitches along the way. If you have questions about Overgrad, we either are ready with an answer or will find you one ASAP. So far, here are the frequent inquiries we're getting and the answers we're giving—

What is Overgrad?

Overgrad is a new college and career platform that can help students with three things: (1) Exploring careers, (2) Finding colleges, and (3) Applying to colleges. For the sake of today's post, we're going to focus #3 and how students will be utilizing Overgrad in an important step when applying to colleges.

Letters of recommendation and transcripts are two essential pieces to any college application, and this is where Overgrad comes in — it's a one-stop-shop when it comes to requesting these documents for your applications, whether you're using Common App or individual applications on each college's website.

How do I create my Overgrad account?

Good news: we've already created it for you! In fact, the one we've made is the one you'll need to use, so don't go through the extra work of making your own, only to have to delete it. All you need to do is check your email. You should have an email in your inbox (or maybe your junk folder) from Overgrad with directions on how to activate your account.

If you can't find the email, ask your parents to check their inbox, since Overgrad accounts were made using the primary email listed on your Baker registration. Still not there? Let your counselor know so that we can resend the activation email.

How do I add colleges to my Overgrad account?

Once you're logged in, at the top right-hand corner you'll see an "Applications" tab. Click that button and select "View Applications." You'll see something like this:

See where it says "Search college name..."? That's where you'll type in the names of the colleges you're applying to. One at a time, you'll enter, select, and add the schools on your list.

How do I link my Overgrad and Common App accounts?

If you are using the Common App to apply to at least one school, you will be presented with the choice to link your Overgrad account with your Common App account once you've added that school to your Overgrad applications list. The good news is you only need to link to the Common App one time, and the process is simple. Here's a video that shows which buttons to click:

How do I request recommendations for my applications?

If you already watched the video above, you were shown one way to send recommendation requests to your counselor and teachers. Another way is to click on the "Recommendations" tab under your Overgrad applications page. It'll look like this:

Click the green "Add Recommendation" buttons to send a request to the individuals from whom you're seeking a letter of recommendation. While you'll be able to select your Baker counselor from a drop down list, you'll need to click "+ Add Recommender" underneath that drop down list in order to input the name and email of the professors/teachers who will be your academic references.

Once a recommendation has been completed, the status will be updated on your Recommenders page, and will look like this:

To assign recommenders to your college applications, you'll click on each college application in Overgad, scroll down to the Application Documents box, and select a recommender from the drop-down menu.

Each application will have a designated amount of required and optional recommendations. If you would like to include an optional recommendation, you will need to click the "Attach a Document" button (located in the top righthand corner of the Application Documents box, as seen below) in order to select and assign a recommender:

How do I request my transcripts?

Most college applications will require a School Report. This is a document that you will request through Overgrad. Once you've selected/assigned your counselor, they will be able to complete your school report and attach it to your applications. This school report includes information like your class rank, graduating class size, and — you guessed it — your transcripts! No need to request or attach them separately.

Still have questions? Leave a comment below so we can get you an answer!
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