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Meeting Hannah & Jayden: Students Helping Students

Hello Students!

We are your new School Counseling Practicum students/Interns! In short, we will be working with your school's counselors and faculty members in order to get more direct experience with the school counseling process in general. We will be working with specific students, hosting groups, and will be accessible for any questions or concerns you may have. Both of us attend Oregon State University at the Cascades campus in Bend, Oregon. We are in the Master of School Counseling program.

Being a student during a pandemic comes with many changes and challenges that are new to us. Like all of you, we are trying to navigate through an online school world with new technologies and new requirements. We want you to know that we are going through the same type of experiences and we are here if you need some guidance through it all. We also look forward to learning more about the techniques that have helped you thus far.

We can all learn from each other!


Let us introduce ourselves a little more!

My name is Jayden Todhunter. I moved here less than 6 months ago from Northern Idaho. I went to Boise State University for my degrees in Psychology and Addiction Studies. I am very passionate about both of these fields as well as working with high school students! Outside of school, I love to go out to restaurants, play golf, and travel. I am looking forward to working with you all and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about school, similar interests, or life in general! You can contact me at

Hello, my name is Hannah Imrem, and I am looking forward to working with you this year! I grew up in Central Oregon, and studied Psychology at Linfield College. After graduating, I worked in six high schools all over the state of Oregon! When I’m not in school or working with students, I love to rock climb, hike, and thrift shop! I look forward to getting to know more about you and what you’re passionate about this year! You can email me at


Tip #1: Keep all of Your Links in One Spot!

In order to keep track of all your virtual rooms, create a Google Sheet of all your important Zoom links/contacts. I certainly know the feelings of frantically searching for a class zoom link (Is it in an email? On a webpage? On the syllabus??) and having everything in one trusty spot can save you time and stress!

Tip #2: The Fewer Screens, the Better!

Screen time can be so draining! If you have to be sitting at a screen all day for school, try to

cut out any “unnecessary” additional screen time. For example: buy or rent physical copies of textbooks instead of online versions when possible. During breaks between class time, leave your phone behind and go for a quick walk or work on a non-computer based task. Although Face-timing friends and family is great, you can give your eyes a break with a voice to voice conversation to lessen the brain strain!

Tip #3: Write it Down!

I have a mini notebook that I carry everywhere with me. I use it to write to-do lists, grocery lists, due dates, upcoming events, and even random thoughts that pop in my head! I find that I am able to get organized easier as well as manage the craziness going on around me since utilizing this method. Planners, calendars, or notebooks are super cheap and easy to find at most grocery stores, office supply stores, or even the dollar store.

Tip: 4: Self-care!

Aside from school, work, family, friends, and all the obligations that come with life, it is always important to check in on yourself. Self-care is a huge part of being able to accomplish tasks and being mentally prepared for what lies ahead. Getting fresh air, spending time with pets, listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite movie, calling a friend, and going for a scenic drive can all be ways to step away from stressful obligations and get right with yourself! Through this process, I have found that these little acts can make a big impact on my mood and mental well-being.

Finally, here is a link for a few self-care ideas you can explore!

Hope you all have a great week!

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