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Fall Juniors Checklist

Hello, Juniors and Sophomores!

Are you thinking about applying to college/university? What to do after high school? It’s not too early to begin some planning. Let us know how we can help and keep reading for important to-do’s & opportunities—

College/Career Checklist: September/October


-->If you are a college-bound junior and would like to take the PSAT to qualify for a National Merit Scholarship, contact your local high school or local private schools to see if they have a seat available for you. (*They may not have available seats - contact your Advisory teacher or me if you run into a dead-end and we can help you look.) Baker is not able to offer the PSAT at any of our locations at this time. The PSAT is OPTIONAL and recommended especially for really high achieving juniors who traditionally score well on standardized tests.

-->If you are a sophomore, the PSAT is good practice for getting ready for the SAT.

PSAT: Contact your local schools now to take the exam on Oct. 16

Attend College Fairs or college information events:

Try this Step-by-Step College Search tool to see what interests you

Regional college fairs are listed near the end of this email

Tour local campuses

Consider campus size, location, and academic programs

Try online college fairs and virtual campus tours (,

Meet with your counselor or advisor about your coursework and college plans

You need to be aware of how your current coursework aligns with your future goals - are you taking the classes that will get you where you want to go?

Create a professional email address

to use when applying for jobs, scholarships, registering for college entrance exams, completing college applications, etc.

Extracurricular Activities/Volunteer:

Become or stay involved in extracurricular activities - sports, clubs, groups that enhance your interests and skills. Start now, you need to show longevity and commitment prior to senior year.

Volunteer! Find a cause that’s important to you and give back to your community. Volunteer Match is a good place to begin searching if you’re not aware of what’s available in your area.

Career Exploration:

Take an online career inventory to help connect your interests and skills with a career: College Board or Oregon CIS - Username Baker Web Academy, Password BWA12345.

Talk with professionals in careers you are curious about and ask about their work.

Enhance skills that would be useful in a career of interest through your extracurricular activities.

Check out the BCS Career Guide for more information on exploring your next steps.

Trade School? If you don’t plan on continuing at a college/university but are interested in pursuing a skilled trade, visit this list of Oregon Trade Schools.

College Jumpstart Nights - This is for seniors! However, interested juniors or early grads may want to attend.

Join us for a hands-on opportunity to get started on these important steps toward applying for college—bring a device and we will begin creating your accounts and profiles and get you organized and ready for this exciting year! We will cover the following areas and provide a template for organizing all usernames and passwords.

FAFSA: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a free application that must be completed by all students and parents seeking federal student aid

the College Scholarship Service Profile is an online application that is required at certain private colleges in addition to the FAFSA for college students to apply for non-federal financial aid.

Oregon Promise: a grant that helps to cover tuition costs at any Oregon community college for recent high school graduates

select from a catalog of over 500 scholarships with a single application

Common App: an undergraduate college admission application that applicants may use to apply to any of more than 800 member colleges and universities

Attend the FAFSA College Jumpstart Events in-person at these local student centers or via Zoom from 6:00-8:00pm:

Friday, Oct. 4 in Bend (in person only @ 10:00am)

1352 NE 2nd St., Bend, OR 97701

Tuesday, Oct. 8 in Eugene, 6-8 pm

2295 Coburg Rd., Suite 205, Eugene OR 97401

Wednesday, Oct. 9 in Salem, 6-8 pm

1144 Center St NE, Salem, OR 97301

Thursday, Oct. 10 in West Portland, 6-8 pm

8625 SW Cascade Ave. #230, Beaverton, OR 97008

Monday, Oct. 14 in Baker City, 6-8 pm

2725 Seventh St., Baker City, OR 97814

Wednesday, Oct. 16 in Southern Oregon, 6-8 pm

425 Oak St, Central Point, OR 97502

Attend your local college fairs—

Douglas County: Sept. 30 @ Roseburg High School,11:15 am - 1:45 pm

Southern Oregon: Oct. 1 @ Southern Oregon University, 9:00-11: 30 am Central Oregon: Oct. 3 @ Redmond High School, 9:00-11:30am

Mid-Willamette Valley: Oct. 4 @ University of Oregon, 9:00-11:30 am

Portland: Oct. 27-28 @ Oregon Convention Ctr., Oct. 27, 1-5 pm; Oct. 28 9 am-12 pm

High School & Beyond Plan Please take 10 minutes to fill out this questionnaire about what your plans are during high school and after graduation.

BEC Advisors:

Suzanne Moore, Central Oregon (COCC)

Rob Williams, Central Oregon (COCC)

Kate Saldaña, Portland Metro (PCC, CCC, MHCC, CGCC)

Shelley Penny, Portland Metro (PCC)

Corrinne Brantner, Eugene (LCC)

Richelle Colenso, Salem (LBCC, CHCC)

Jaymie Leach, Southern Oregon (RCC, UCC)

Stephani Rasmussen, Eastern Oregon (EOC, BMCC)

BWA Counselors by Region:

Portland- Amy Kennedy

Southern OR- Sarah Hall

Eastern OR- Sarah Hall

Central OR- Danielle Coughlin

Transition from BWA to Web+1 or BWC- Jen Vesbit

College Career- Jen Tracewell

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