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Baker Early College Info Night Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended our BEC Info Night this week! In case you missed this fantastic webinar, we have all the details below.

The slideshow is here, and you can also view a recording of last night's presentation here.

If you would like to apply to Baker Early College for the 22/23 school year (10th-12th grade), please click here to apply. Applications are due by May 6th for Fall Term 2022. Once you apply, Kimberly (our enrollment specialist) will reach out to send you the next steps that you'll need to take at the college, including completing placement tests. Placements are due by May 13th. If you want to attend a college that requires you to be 16, you do NOT need to be 16 to apply to BEC but you DO need to turn 16 before the first day of classes at the college in the fall. If you are still undecided but want to keep the option open, please still apply to BEC by the deadline to keep that option open to you.

If you are interested in the new 9th grade BEC program, please click here to apply or here to RSVP to our 9th Grade Info Night (Tuesday, April 19th @ 6pm).

More BEC info is available on our website, and please don't hesitate to reach out to Kate Saldaña if you have any questions!

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