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Disability Services in College

 If you have an IEP or 504 Plan, or believe you qualify for accommodations,

this guide will walk you through how to access services at your community college.

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PREPARE for your
disability services meeting

In order to access accommodations at your college, you'll need to know which services to request and provide the proper documentation that verifies your disabilities.

MEET with your college's disabilities services coordinator

Through this meeting, it will be determined which accommodations/services you'll receive and how to access them.

One-On-One Tutoring
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ACCESS your services & accommodations

Once you have established your accommodations, you will work with instructors and other departments to get what you need in order to succeed.


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     Review your 504, IEP, and/or
     any other documentation of your disability. Highlight important passages that note any diagnoses and any specific accommodations you receive or that are recommended.




First thing's first: meet with your Baker Early College advisor to do the following



        Discuss possible
        accommodations you might receive at the college. The kinds of accommodations that are offered at the college level can be very different than what's available at the K-12 level.



       Schedule an appointment with
       your campus’s Services for Students with Disabilities Office. If you would like a parent or advisor to join you for the meeting, make sure to make that request when scheduling your appointment. 




     Describe your disability and
     how it impacts your learning process, especially your ability to learn successfully in a traditional classroom setting (use this form to prepare)



During the meeting with the college's Disabilities Services Coordinator,
you will be expected to:



        Review your documentation
        (504, IEP, evaluations, medical forms, etc.) and the types of accommodations that have worked for you in other learning environments in the past




       Request specific services or
       accommodations you hope to receive at the college. Click here to see a list of potential services you might request/receive.



       Discuss follow-up steps, like
       when you can expect to receive your letter of accommodation and how to access those accommodations.




Once the Services for Students with Disabilities Office provides your letter of accommodation, documenting which accommodations you can use at the college, it is your responsibility to access those services by—



     Attending office hours with
     each instructor to provide them with a copy of your letter and discuss which accommodations you would like to utilize for their class





        Sending a summary email
        after meeting with each instructor to summarize what you discussed — attach a digital copy of your letter of accommodations for reference




       Coordinating with other
       service providers as needed (e.g. the testing center, assistive technology office, counseling office, library, etc.)



       Requesting a renewal of your
       letter of accommodations at the end of each term through the Services for Students with Disabilities Office


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