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Through BCS, high school students can earn college credit while earning their high school diploma.

College at BCS
College Optios

Baker Web + 1


  • Audience- This is a program exclusively for Baker Web Academy students to try out one college class. 

  • Purpose- Designed to help students get a feel for the college environment. 

  • Benefits- College credit while maintaining full BWA Advisory Teacher support.

Baker Web College

  • Audience- Baker Web College is built for current BWA students who want to attend college fulltime. 

  • Purpose- Give BWA students an option for full-time college.  Keeps BWA students in our school. 

  • Benefits- Class rank, BWA transfer options, and helps BWA performance.


Baker EarlY


  • Audience- Baker Early College is for transfer students from outside of BCS who want to attend college fulltime. 

  • Purpose- Give outside students a school they can gain our support, counseling, tuition, fees, and books to attend college fulltime while in high school. 

  • Benefits- Fulltime schedule at the college with full support while in high school.


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